Ongoing Requirements🔗

Certified professionals must pursue continuing education and professional development to maintain their credentials. All candidates are required to fulfill 90 credits per certification term and submit proper documentation to verify their credits. All activities must relate to security as defined by the content specifications of the relevant examination. They are:

  • Business & Facility Management
  • Emergency Planning
  • Emergency Management
  • Legal & Regulatory
  • Crowd Management
  • Security Principles & Practices

Certificants must meet all ongoing requirements and submit appropriate documentation at least 90 days prior to the end of the certification cycle.


  • A minimum requirement of 50% (at least 45 credits) of recertification credits for the CSSP, in any term, must be acquired through forms of educational activities.
  • Professional contributions in security related fields may account for up to, but no more than, 50% (no more than 45 credits) of total recertification credits for CSSP.

List of Recertification Credits

Annual Program Changes

Sharefile Access🔗

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