NCS4 Learn provides eLearning professional development opportunities for all staff levels, including frontline staff, supervisory, and leadership. Organizations can enroll and monitor their teams in asynchronous and customizable learning experiences. 

The course catalog currently includes the following:

Frontline Staff Foundational Skills – introduces frontline staff members to the skills necessary for providing guests with a safe and enjoyable experience.

Crowd Manager Fundamentals – prepares venue staff to support crowd management needs and assist venue occupants.

Venue Staff Training – provides a foundational understanding of safety and security principles for frontline venue and event staff with role-specific add-ons (i.e., guest services, parking management, concessions, ticket-takers)

Senior Leader Course: Sports and Entertainment Security – covers security leadership fundamentals in business management, emergency management, planning considerations, legal and regulatory guidance, crowd management, and security procedures.

Other eLearning opportunities:

In 2021, the NCS4 partnered with crowd science expert, Dr. G. Keith Still, to offer the Fundamentals of Crowd Safety course. Dr. Still has developed and delivered training materials worldwide for over 30 years and is working with the NCS4 to bring this body of knowledge to the United States. The primary goal of the course is to educate practitioners on the essential elements of crowd safety and risk analysis. The course covers core crowd science and risk analysis tools and their application in planning and managing places of public assembly. For more information click here.