Research Seminar Series

Research Seminar Series

The Research Seminar Series aims to showcase sports safety and security research conducted by the NCS⁴ staff, research affiliates, and faculty and staff from universities and associations across the United States and worldwide. 

One of our goals is to help bridge the gap between theory and practice. We hope that by sharing this body of knowledge, we can begin a dialogue between academia and the profession in identifying research gaps and formulating lines of inquiry that address industry needs.

If you are interested in participating in our Research Seminar Series, please contact Dr. Brandon Allen, NCS4 Director of Research and Associate Professor of Sport Management, at

NCS4 Research Seminars

The Spatial Patterning of Crime on Game Days: Downtown and Suburban Stadiums

Presented by Dr. Ryan Bagwell (recent PhD from the University of Miami)

This presentation highlights differences in the spatial patterning of crime based on the physical location of the stadium within a city. Dr. Bagwell examines two arenas and compares the spatial crime pattern for home games to no games. He offers various insights on how the spatial concentration of crime may change based on the geographic location of the stadium. 

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Lightning Safety for Outdoor Venues

Presented by Charlie Woodrum, Warning Coordination Meteorologist

This presentation highlights lightning incident statistics, myths, safe and unsafe structures, and sample public address announcements. In addition, Mr. Woodrum will take venue managers through the process of creating a lightning safety plan with the National Weather Service. The modernized Lightning Safety Toolkit for Outdoor Venues is now available for venue managers to address the risk of a fatal lightning strike in high-capacity outdoor stadiums and venues.

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Understanding the Interface Between Security and Customer Service at NCAA Division I FCS Institutions

Presented by Dr. Kiernan Gordon, Assistant Professor, Sport & Recreation Management, University of New England

As sport venues become increasingly hardened, security personnel take on an increasingly important role in customer service. This presentation explores what effective customer service ought to look like for security personnel, as well as how we should view the customer journey at sport venues.

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Off the Rails

Presented by Dr. Gil Fried, Professor and Chair, Administration and Law Department, University of West Florida; Dr. Aneurin Grant, Assistant Professor of Building Construction, Administration and Law Department, University of West Florida; and Dr. Salih Kocak, Assistant Professor of Building Construction, Administration and Law Department, University of West Florida

In this research seminar, presenters address issues related to fan injuries and deaths associated with falling over a railing or falling as a result of a malfunctioning railing. The discussion examines whether the line of site exception of 26 inches is safe, analyzes load force concerns associated with fans leaning against the railing, and offers solutions to concerns regarding railing.

The Need for Evidence in Spectator Safety and Security

Presented by Justin Kurland, PhD, Director of Research, NCS⁴; Joslyn Zale, PhD, Research Associate, NCS⁴; and Tyler Jacobs, Graduate Research Assistant, NCS⁴

The National Center for Spectator Sports Safety and Security has begun the development of an index that evaluates stadia and arenas by their vulnerability to quantifiable problems. It aims to help those responsible for the safety and security of venues identify problems and improve outcomes, as well as raise the profile of professionals charged with keeping spectators safe and secure. This seminar provides unique background related to the history and motivation behind the index, what has been done so far, and what we would like to incorporate into future iterations.

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