Webinar Series

Webinar Series

The NCS4 offers a free webinar series covering current topics for educational and technology solution awareness. The NCS4 partners with practitioners, academics, and technical experts to discuss industry trends, challenges, lessons learned, business strategies, and the application of technologies and solutions at sports and special events.

The NCS4 assists potential speakers, panelists, and solution providers organize content, prepare presenters, and deliver additional resources to viewers.

For more information, please contact Daniel Ward at Daniel.L.Ward@usm.edu or (601) 266-5999.

NCS⁴ Webinars

An Introduction to Artificial Intelligence in Security

Presented by Peter Evans, CEO and Director, Xtract One; Jumbi Edulbehram, Global Business Development, Smart Cities and Spaces, NVIDIA; and Ryan Zatolokin, Senior Technologist, Axis Communications

Artificial Intelligence (AI) plays a significant role in safety and security across various domains. Its ability to process vast amounts of data, identify patterns, and make real-time decisions has significantly transformed how we approach safety and security measures. In this webinar, the NCS⁴ Technology Alliance members discuss the application and significance of purpose-driven AI.

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Severe Weather: Planning for and Managing Critical Weather Impacts on Events

Presented by Josh Durkee, Ph.D., Professor, University Meteorologist, Western Kentucky University and David E. Oliver, Ed.D., CSP, CEM, Director, Environmental Health and Safety and Emergency Manager, Western Kentucky University

Weather is one of the most-likely disruptors to all planned events and operations. Each year severe and other inclement weather cause delays, postponements, cancellations, and in some cases serious injuries and even fatalities to athletes, event staff, and fans. Organizations managing events must have weather identified as a risk and adjust their planning based on the realistic assessment of historical and potential weather events and impacts. In this webinar, representatives from the Disaster Science Operations Center (DSOC), located at Western Kentucky University, discuss how we can plan for and monitor the weather to improve the level of safety and fan experience if severe weather does strike.

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Patron Screening and Weapons Detection Considerations

Presented by Jim Mercurio, Executive Vice President and General Manager, Levi’s Stadium, Forty Niners Stadium Management Company; Christian Lau, Chief Technology Officer, Los Angeles Football Club (LAFC); and Peter Evans, Chief Executive Officer, Patriot One Technologies

As stadiums begin to re-open, planning cycles have accelerated. Many organizations have been using the pause in business caused by COVID to re-evaluate technology and enhance the spectator experience. The incorporation of modern patron screening technology has been a major point of emphasis, with venues aiming to improve fan experience while avoiding a degradation to safety and security. In this webinar, panelists will discuss technology considerations and the risks associated with the selection and configuration of patron screening solutions. The goal is to develop a better understanding of how these solutions fit into the sports and entertainment operational environment.

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COVID Testing for Events & Schools: The Stories, The Science, and What the Market Looks Like Now

Moderated by Joe Monroe, Chief of Police, University of Kentucky
Presented by Cameron McIntosh, Chief of Staff, Wild Health; Luke Murray, MD, MBA, COVID Director, Wild Health; Kelly Nelson, APRN, Account Manager, Wild Health; and Luke Bramblett, Director of Safety, Churchill Downs Racetrack

When hosting a large gathering, be it one-time or every day, there is only so much that can be done to keep people socially distanced. The safest environments are the ones where COVID-positive individuals never enter in the first place. In this presentation, industry experts will discuss customer experiences from those who have tackled the challenge of testing their university or sporting event successfully. Presenters will also share the science behind the different types of tests and which ones work best for certain scenarios. Lastly the webinar will outline the different services available to help do this at your own institution or how to do testing all on your own.

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Event Staff Safety and the Contactless Service Experience

Presented by Nguyen Nguyen, Director of Technology, Spurs Sports & Entertainment; Tony Albanese, EVP Enterprise, ParkHub; and Kurt Monnier, VP of Customer Success, ReturnSafe

When flight attendants cover safety practices on an airplane, they suggest you secure your oxygen mask before helping others with theirs. Similarly, in light of the current pandemic, it is becoming crucial for event venues to monitor their staff’s well-being and reconsider operational processes in order to extend a safer experience to returning fans and guests. This session will explore burgeoning technology being utilized by major sports and entertainment venues to confidently reopen, sustain, and future-proof their businesses.

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Leveraging Technology to Enforce Policy & Procedure

Presented by Adam Stockwell, Vice President, Milwaukee Bucks Inc.; James Reynolds, CPP, CLSD, Regional Director, Safety and Security, Eastern US & Canada for Hilton; Troy Brown, Vice President, Stadium Operations, Cleveland Browns; and Ryan Zatolokin, Senior Technologist, Axis Communications

This year has presented a unique and uncharted set of public safety challenges. To address these challenges, we have collectively and individually developed, defined, and redefined countless policies and procedures aimed at creating a safe and secure environment for staff, performers, guests, and fans. Now, more than ever, policy enforcement could be the factor determining your ability to address safety, security, and public health concerns. During this session industry experts will discuss the use of surveillance, existing technologies, best practices and lessons learned to drive a high return on policy adherence.

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Navigating Vehicle Threat Mitigation and SAFETY Act Compliance

Presented by Phil Melcher, CPP, CAS, Director of Security, St. Louis Cardinals, LLC; David Wachs, President, Concentric Security; and Akmal Ali, J.D., Founder/CEO, Aluma

Any time patrons gather in mass for queuing or attending an event there is an increased possibility of vehicular ramming or accidents. In this forum, industry leaders will discuss the processes, considerations, and lessons learned for the implementation of vehicle barriers. Presenters will provide recommendations for mitigating vehicle threats as part of your risk management program and as a component of the SAFETY Act process.

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Leveraging Government Funds to Improve Security in Education

Presented by Guy Reschenthaler, U.S. House of Representatives, U.S. Government; Mike Evanish, Manager of Safety and Security, North Allegheny School District; and Joseph Wall, Regional Sales Manager, STANLEY Security

As health and safety concerns continue to impact organizations across the globe, the education industry has been challenged with the extraordinary task of preparing for in-person learning. The adaptation of policies and procedures has been instrumental in creating a safer learning environment, but enhancing security measures often requires additional resources. As school systems begin to adjust the way they operate, now and for the foreseeable future, we’d like to invite you to learn how your campus can leverage available government funds to improve your security program.

Layered Explosive Detection: An Introduction to Hyperspectral Imaging

Presented by Sgt. Robert Smith, Metro Bomb Squad, Charleston County Sheriff’s Office, SC; Dave Caudle, Business Development, ChemImage; and Matthew Nelson, Ph.D., Chief Scientist, ChemImage

Through the Online Technology Forum, NCS⁴ teams up with practitioners and technical experts to discuss the application of technologies and solutions at sporting and special events. In this online forum, experts will discuss a layered approach to explosive detection. Specifically, this session will discuss the application of hyperspectral imaging and how the technology can supplement existing capabilities at public assembly areas.

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Disinfecting for Coronavirus and Other Contagions

Presented by Mark Tucker, Technical Staff Sandia National Laboratories, Retired; Joe Hill, Senior Vice President of Safety, Security, & Defense, Decon7 Systems; and Rob Zaremski, Director, Emergency and Security Solutions, Qal-Tek Associates, LLC

The sports and entertainment industries are posturing themselves to detect and deter the presence of COVID-19. With the challenges facing detection and a large number of carriers being asymptomatic, it has never been more important to properly clean and disinfect to prevent the spread of contagions. In this forum, experts in decontamination and disinfection will discuss the nature of the Coronavirus and how it survives in this environment. The discussion will focus on the science behind disinfectants, factors that should be considered in selecting disinfectants, the development, implementation and quality assurance of cleaning and disinfection protocols, and the unique challenges of disinfecting large venues.

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Optimizing the Digital Safety and Security Environment

Presented by Gene Hallman, President/CEO, Bruno Event Team; Cassia Martin, Senior Security Architect, Amazon Web Services; and Melissa Odegaard, Director, Marketing, S2 Global

In an already data-driven environment, safety and security managers are incorporating additional technologies in response to current threats and evolving operational requirements. The digitization of physical infrastructures, through leveraging technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT) and big data, have allowed safety and security operations to use information in a meaningful way. However, it is important practitioners understand how to efficiently and effectively employ their resources within the digital environment. In this forum, representatives from the sports industry, integrators, and networking professionals will discuss the emergence of technologies and the questions practitioners should ask of their existing infrastructure to ensure they are getting the most out of resources and budgets.

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COVID-19 Legal Issues and Considerations

Presented by Brian Finch, Partner, Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman, LLC; and Richard Giller, Partner, Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman, LLC

Organizations, big and small, are facing unprecedented challenges in navigating the legal implications of COVID-19. As the sporting and entertainment industries continue navigating uncharted territory, a variety of legal concerns and challenges have emerged. During this session, legal experts will discuss important considerations and legalities associated with workplace health and safety, privacy, and liabilities. The discussion will also expand to provide an overview of the insurance market and policy considerations. Throughout this interactive presentation, ample time will be allotted to answering participant questions and addressing concerns. Please join us as we continue preparing for the “New Normal.”

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Maintaining the Event Workforce

Presented by Mike Weeman, Division Manager, Guest Experience, Orlando Venues; and Jeff Spoerndle, Vice President, WESS Event Services

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, leaders are facing the challenge of protecting their communities and workforces alike. Employers providing key services and experiences to mass gatherings have been forced to restructure their staff in response to public health concerns and mandatory stay-at-home orders. During this webinar, subject matter experts will discuss workforce engagement, employee retention, recovery considerations, and expectations for resuming sporting and entertainment events. Although offering employment may not be possible, it is imperative we use this time to connect and communicate with the people we rely on.

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Virtual Queueing and the Spectator Experience

Presented by Drew Pittman, Associate Athletics Director, Baylor University

Virtual queuing has the potential to transform the guest experience at many of our most important events. Imagine the possibilities of significantly reducing lines outside of a venue in an effort to promote social distancing, lessening potential of soft-targets, potential revenue generation and providing a more seamless guest experience for our fans.This discussion will also explore the potential of utilizing this technology for entry points to our venues but also potential impacts to parking, concessions, team stores and other applications within our venues.

Sport and Entertainment Venues: A Community Asset for Emergency Response Operations

Presented by Barry Stanford, Vice President, Safety and Security, AEG Worldwide; and David Waldman, Principal, The Cadmus Group, LLC

Without events to host, venues are finding a new purpose in supporting the response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Large facilities offer the space and logistical services often needed to support large scale response and recovery operations during an emergency. During this webinar, practitioners will discuss planning considerations venues should consider in preparing to support response operations to COVID-19. Additionally, the panel will share their experiences partnering with local and regional communities during this outbreak. Lessons learned and recommendations will be shared in an effort to prepare stadiums and venues to play critical roles during emergency response and recovery.

Event Public Health Screening: Technology and Procedure

Presented by Alex Pollak, President and CEO, ParaDocs Worldwide Inc.; Todd Fasulo, Vice President, Security, Corp. Investigations and Crisis Management, Wynn Las Vegas; Akmal Ali, Founder/CEO, Aluma; and Kyle Hopkins, Vice President of Sales, 911 Security

In an effort to create and maintain a safe environment amidst global pandemic, organizations are seeking out technologies and procedures to enhance public health screening at their facilities. Among the available solutions, thermal imaging and temperature screening have been widely explored and implemented as an additional safety and security measure. In this webinar, experts will discuss their experiences and lessons learned throughout the continuously evolving crisis. Discussion topics include technology capabilities, implementation, limitations, and legal considerations for public health screening. As organizations begin planning for life after COVID-19, it is paramount we understand how the operational environment will be impacted.

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Joint Webinars

Crisis Communication

Presented by Steve Georgas, Deputy Chief, Chicago Police Department; and Joe Monroe, Chief, University of Kentucky Police Department

Public information and emergency notification systems are a fundamental element of organizational resiliency and business continuity during times of crisis. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to disrupt operations for global businesses and critical infrastructure facilities, industry professionals should review their communications response plans and be prepared to address uncertainties under rapidly changing circumstances.

SIA has teamed up with the National Center for Spectator Sports Safety and Security (NCS⁴) to present a timely webinar on the fundamentals of public information sharing and emergency communications as sanctioned by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

On this webinar, participants will hear from Deputy Chief Steve Georgas of the Chicago Police Department and Chief Joe Monroe of the University of Kentucky Police Department on emergency communication protocols. Attendees can expect to learn about communications principles and methodologies, as well as rapid response tools and techniques that can assist organizations in preparing and responding to COVID-19 and other crises.

Organizational Preparedness and Resiliency: The Benefits of Virtualized Command Center Operations

Presented by Melissa Lesperance, Director of the District Command Center, Ilitch Holdings Inc.; Ryan Schonfeld, Founder and CEO, RAS Watch; and Nigel Waterton, Chief Revenue Officer, Arcules

The changing nature of today’s environment and the effect of the global coronavirus pandemic is shifting teams to more remote work, leaving facilities with low occupancy or empty. In light of this, security teams must leverage tools and resources that shift management outside of the facility on-site command center(s) while maintaining ongoing, 24/7 vigilance in an effort to maintain business continuity and protect company assets.

SIA has teamed up with the National Center for Spectator Sports Safety and Security (NCS⁴) at the University of Southern Mississippi to present a timely webinar on organizational preparedness and the lessons learned–thus far–in the crisis response to disruptions caused by COVID-19. This panel of industry experts will present the perspectives of security practitioners, risk managers, and technology integrators as we all come together to work through these unprecedented times.

In this webinar, panelists will discuss how organizations can leverage virtualized security control and command center operations to adapt to changing circumstances and explore the use of “GSOC-as-a-service” models in providing immediate support and assistance across a variety of markets. Speakers will share best practices for establishing remote management and address common concerns for end-users and their respective partners when implementing virtualized command center operations.

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