Certified Sport Security Professional (CSSP)🔗

Professionals working in sports safety and security are expected to have a firm grasp of public safety measures and understand how to apply those competencies in the unique environments created by entertainment venues and events. The NCS⁴ established the Certified Sport Security Professional (CSSP) program to advance the sports safety and security industry by validating expertise in the following domains:

  • Business and Facility Management
  • Emergency Planning
  • Emergency Management
  • Legal and Regulatory
  • Crowd Management
  • Security Principles and Practice

Earning the CSSP is a professional achievement, highlighting dedication to remaining current and knowledgeable with industry trends. Individuals who meet the education and experience criteria and demonstrate the requisite knowledge, skill, and ability by successfully completing the CSSP multiple-choice examination are awarded the CSSP certification. Certificants are then required to meet ongoing continuing education and industry contribution requirements to maintain their certification.

If you are in the middle- or upper-level of leadership within an organization and create security-related policies, procedures, plans, or develop and deliver training, NCS⁴ invites you to explore the CSSP certification requirements. The CSSP certification provides an opportunity to expand your security experience, demonstrate a commitment to professional development, strengthen relationships with peers, and broaden career opportunities.

The following links explain the application process:

CSSPs are eligible to join the private CSSP LinkedIn group and receive a complimentary subscription to NCS⁴ Connect as long as they maintain their certification. Please request a copy of the CSSP Candidate Handbook for more information.

Please contact Dr. Joslyn Zale at Joslyn.Zale@usm.edu or (601) 266-6867 with any questions.