Certified Sport Security Professional (CSSP)🔗

The CSSP program curriculum focuses on advancing the security industry by addressing the competency requirements of current security professionals, facility directors and managers, law enforcement, emergency management, government, public safety, human resources, and event management, among others. These individuals work at the middle and upper levels of an organization and may be responsible for creating crucial security-related policies, procedures, operating plans, and creating and delivering training. These security professionals assist in the decision making as well as selecting other event personnel and personnel providers. They serve in command positions during events and ensure event plans are being properly followed. Security professionals also provide upper-level supervision of event personnel and providers.

Individuals who meet the education and experience criteria, and who demonstrate the requisite knowledge, skill, and ability by successfully completing the CSSP multiple-choice examination are awarded the certificate. Those who earn the CSSP certification are required to complete ongoing requirements through continuing education and contributions to the industry. For more information about the CSSP certification, please request a copy of the CSSP Candidate Handbook.

Demand is high for qualified safety and security professionals. The CSSP certification validates and showcases your security management expertise. Earning the CSSP is a professional achievement, highlighting your dedication to remaining current and knowledgeable with industry trends. Certification provides you with credibility within your organization and among your peers.

Expand upon your security experience, demonstrate a commitment to professional development, strengthen relationships with peers, and broaden career opportunities with the CSSP certification. To see the current list of certificants, click here.

For additional information, contact Dr. Joslyn Zale at Joslyn.Zale@usm.edu, or by phone at (601) 266-6867.