Operational Exercise🔗

The National Center for Spectator Sports Safety and Security (NCS⁴) conducts operational exercises for products. As part of the operational exercise, the NCS⁴ assembles a team with the requisite expertise, identifies appropriate sites for the exercise, generates relevant scenarios, and simulates end-user interaction to provide constructive feedback for developers and interested parties. By design, the demonstration and exercise allows experts to observe stated capabilities in an operational or simulated environment.

Operational Exercise Process🔗

  1. Design: Using solution provider intent and stated capabilities, the NCS⁴ will create exercise criteria and objectives.
  2. Team: Individuals for the operational exercise team are identified based on the objectives and requisite skills detailed during the design phase and the availability of candidates who meet the qualification standards required to assist in the operational exercise.
  3. Costs: Cost is calculated by a combination of factors including, but not limited to, exercise duration, location, and team composition.
  4. Conduct Exercise: The exercise will consist of the operational deployment (real world or simulated) of the product at a predetermined location for a set amount of time. The operational exercise team will assess performance against the objectives established during the design.
  5. Draft Operational Exercise Review: Using the feedback and observations from the exercise team, the NCS⁴ will generate a report that includes an overview of the exercise methods employed, a description of the operating environment, and overall assessment of the product based on the criteria and objectives developed during the design.
  6. Quality Control: A draft report is first sent to the operational exercise team for review. Upon revision by the team the report is then reviewed internally by the NCS⁴ before being sent to the solution provider to review for accuracy.
  7. Publish: The NCS⁴ will provide the final report to the solution provider. Copies of the report are available to the solution provider for further distribution and maintained on the NCS⁴ website for no less than 180 days.

Product and service descriptions were provided by each respective company and the NCS⁴ does vouch for their accuracy. The NCS⁴ is an impartial body and does not endorse any products or services. Inclusion on this page does not constitute a recommendation or endorsement from the NCS⁴.

For more information, please contact Daniel Ward at Daniel.L.Ward@usm.edu or (601) 266-5999.

Evolv Express - Evolv Technology

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Evolv Technology provides touchless security screening products to a wide range of venues. The Evolv Express aims to combine artificial intelligence (AI), security ecosystem integrations, and venue analytics to ensure safer, more accurate threat detection at an unprecedented speed and volume. 

Key features include:

  • Wired and wireless options for flow control and resolution tablets
  • Indoor and outdoor equipped towers
  • Mobility accessories to facilitate installation, movement, and storage
Threat Detection and Patron Screening Solutions (System Version 1.1 and 1.4) - Patriot One Technologies

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Patriot One Technologies is a provider of touchless threat detection and patron screening solutions for community safety. The integrated solutions are intended to allow a wide variety of threats to be detected quickly and easily. The goal of the solution is to provide unobtrusive sensors and invisible screening to provide a seamless experience while enhancing the safety of people and assets.

Key features include:

  • Multi-Sensor Gateway hardware (pillars, interconnecting cables, acquisition boards, and optical cameras)
  • Multi-Sensor Gateway software (device drivers, programs, AI classification analytics)
  • Networked Platform Server
  • Platform Client
  • Mobile Alert Center (Optional)
XonarSafe™ - Xonar Technology Inc.

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Please note that this exercise was conducted virtually and limited to live video observation. Exercise criteria consisted of Xonar Technologies Inc. stated capabilities. No external criteria (industry best practices, NIJ standards, ASTM guidelines) were incorporated for the purposes of this observation.

XonarSafe™  is a scanning system designed to detect weapons as people walk through it. It can be used at sports events, concerts, and other events of mass gathering.

Key features include:

  • Touchless scanning
  • Outer garments and bags do not need to be scanned separately
  • The location of the potential threat is indicated on a diagram of a person's body
  • Weather-resistant
  • Can perform temperature checks in addition to scanning for weapons
OnePlan Events - OnePlan

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OnePlan is a venue and event site-planning tool that combines mapping and visual planning tools into a single platform.

Key features include:

  • Common Operating Picture: Multiple users can access and edit a site map simultaneously
  • Change Log: Track and monitor all changes made to the plan
  • Resource Management: Users can place, manage, and locate resources on a shared map
  • Queue Estimations: Estimate queue length and queue time based on user defined operational capacity, arrivals, and operation end times
  • Social Distancing Calculator: With user input, visualize the effects of social distancing requirements
  • Flow Rate Calculator: Estimate the time required for pedestrians to move through an exit based on user defined flow rate and exit width
Axon Body 2 - Axon

The Axon Body 2 is a single-unit body camera used primarily by law enforcement personnel. It features unlimited HD video and a rugged, officer-centric design.

Key features include:

  • HD video and dual audio channels: Records in low light and HD and makes voices more distinct with automatic tuning and noise reduction.
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity: Use Wi-Fi to stream videos and Bluetooth to assign metadata.
  • Pre-event buffer: Configure pre-event buffer time to capture up to two minutes before an event.
  • Full-shift battery: Record for more than 12 hours.
  • In-field tagging: Mark any important points in the video.
  • Wireless activation: Axon Signal reports events, like when you open the car door or activate the light bar, so your camera can start recording.
  • Mobile app: Connect with Axon View to stream, tag, and replay videos from your phone.
  • Unmatched durability: Use in extreme weather and brutal conditions.
  • Optical mute: Disable audio to support dual-party consent.
  • Axon Rapidlock mounts: Keep your shot steady with versatile mounts.
Axon Body 3 - Axon

Axon describes the Axon Body 3 as more than a camera; it is a rugged communications beacon front-and-center on every law enforcement call. Featuring new Axon Aware technology and an LTE connection that enables real-time features like live streaming, Axon Body 3 empowers officers with more support in the moment. The camera, coupled with enhanced low-light performance and reduced motion blur, means clearer evidence in the now, more efficient AI-powered processes after the fact, and most importantly, safer communities in the long run.

Key features include:

  • Improved video quality: With video evidence, image quality is everything. Axon Body 3's reduced motion blur and improved low-light performance enable the ability to better see the truth at any moment.
  • Multi-mic audio: Featuring four built-in microphones, wind noise reduction, and other advancements, Axon Body 3 allows playing back crystal-clear audio for a better sense of what happened at the scene.
  • Hands-free activation and alerts: Axon Body 3 can send real-time alerts, like when a weapon is deployed, allowing the agency to act quickly during critical situations.
  • Live streaming*: Axon Body 3 can stream audio and video to Axon Evidence (Evidence.com), so officers and command staff can pull up a real-time view and act with greater awareness.
  • Live maps*: See officers' locations when recording within Axon Evidence with GPS.
  • On-device encryption: Axon Body 3 features end-to-end encryption from capture to storage in Axon Evidence.
  • Full-shift battery: Axon Body 3 will last for 12 hours, so you can depend on it for your entire shift. You can even recharge it while the camera is on.
  • Pre-event buffer: To help ensure key moments are not missed, Axon Body 3 supports up to a two-minute pre-event buffer with configurable audio.
  • Sleek and rugged design: The camera hardware strikes the perfect balance between a clean and super-strong design that can survive even the harshest conditions.
  • Expanding capabilities*: In the future, take advantage of new features like live evidence preview, "Find My Camera," seamless post-event transcription and reporting, priority offload, and more.

*Requires Axon Aware purchase and activation.

Cobalt Robot - Cobalt Robotics

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Standing at 5'1", the Cobalt Robot is an autonomous vehicle, patrolling premises and maneuvering through your workplace in approved areas. Real-time anomaly detection flags risks, like unexpected people, open doors, leaks, and spills--even rerouting the robot when needed. More than 60 sensors capture information using a microphone array and multiple cameras for a 360-degree view, thermal camera, depth camera, ultrasonic sensors, light detection, ranging (LiDAR), and environmental sensors. At the end of a shift, the robot docks autonomously to recharge.

Highly trained remote Cobalt Specialists provide real-time human response and analysis, clearing false alarms and escalating confirmed events to key stakeholders. Cobalt Specialists have the ability to review event-related data, apply corporate protocols, and determine whether human intervention is needed. Such events include potentially unauthorized individuals, open doors, or any other circumstance that might create or reflect a possible security vulnerability.

Customers can review and monitor incidents through a web-based interface, which can be integrated into an existing Security Operations Center (SOC).

  • Secure: They evaluate situations, notify stakeholders, and provide reports for accountability.
  • Interact: Using two-way video chat, they may greet employees, request badge credentials, and verify check-in.
  • Pilot: If needed, remote Cobalt Robotics specialists can take control of a robot for new patrols, incident confirmation, or evacuation assistance.
  • Analyze: With every interaction, they collect vital feedback to inform new features, software updates, patrol routes, and more. Status and incident reports are delivered daily, weekly, and quarterly and provide valuable data and trends to inform future business decisions.
Live Earth Map - Live Earth

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The Live Earth platform is an IoT visualization, cloud-based solution, with out-of-the-box features requiring minimal set-up or implementation. The platform is purpose-built for real-time visualization to display multiple existing data streams layered with the user's systems. The platform's live layers automatically update as new information and data becomes available.

Real-time data feeds are everywhere - Nearly everything has sensors that can be connected, and these sensors hold raw geospatial data that the Live Earth platform helps to converge, interpret, and visualize. The faster the data can be retrieved and processed, the faster users can respond to the data collected.

Cloud for real-time data streams - Live Earth ingests and stores billions of events in real-time from multiple sources. With the platform, users can view real-time data or retrieve, reconstruct, and review any historical incident instantly. By seamlessly stitching together this vast amount of data on a single, interactive map, users can apply action to important scenarios quickly.

World's fastest map - No other platform can pull together the amount of data that Live Earth collects, and then store and render the data quickly. Once the data is processed in the cloud, Live Earth synchronizes and animates it to create visual depictions on a map. The intuitive interface makes it easy for anyone to use. The Live Earth platform is developed using concepts similar to those users are familiar with on a smartphone or tablet.

Get going quickly - The platform is developed with out-of-the-box layers to be easily deployed with the added value of additional custom configurations to meet users' needs. With no advanced GIS training required, the platform is a seamless solution to input and visualize multiple data feeds and streams in real-time.

MobileDetect - DetectaChem

MobileDetectX brings bulk and trace explosive detection to smartphone platforms. Utilizing DetectaChem's advanced automated detection engine and advanced test pouch technology, MobileDetectX delivers reliable, repeatable, and accurate field testing for explosives. The system combines DetectaChem's proven expertise in explosive detection with the ease of use of a smartphone to offer protection against the constantly evolving threats of our world. MobileDetectX detects the following explosives: nitroaromatics, nitramines, nitrate esters, HMEs, inorganic nitrates, peroxides, perchlorates, chlorates, gunshot residue, and explosive derivates and precursors. The MobileDetectX app can be downloaded on Android and Apple smartphones and tablets.

SEEKERe - DetectaChem

The SEEKERe represents cutting edge technology in hand-held trace and bulk explosive and drug detection equipment. Its form and functionality are the result of years of research and development and thousands of man hours in user feedback within the U.S. Department of Defense and Department of Homeland Security. The company states that, "Everything on the SEEKERe has been engineered to meet military requirements and to be the go-to handheld detector for forces around the world." SEEKERe detects the following explosives: nitroaromatics, nitramines, nitrate esters, HMEs, inorganic nitrates, peroxides, perchlorates, chlorates, gunshot residue, and explosive derivates and precursors. It detects the following drugs: fentanyl, heroin, THC/CBD, cocaine, methamphetamine, MDMA/ecstasy, GHB, LSD, and others.