What is CSVS Training?🔗

The CSVS provides baseline safety and security training for event staff working at sports and entertainment venues. The training was developed by subject matter experts in the sports safety and security industry with grant funding from the Mississippi Department of Homeland Security. The goal of this training is to equip venue staff with basic knowledge of their roles and associated responsibilities, and to promote standards of behavior that enhance safety and security as well as the overall guest experience.

How Does CSVS Help You?🔗

The CSVS is the starting point for training your venue staff. It is pioneering the way front-line event staff are trained in the sports and entertainment industry. This means your venue staff has:

  • Consistency in training and performance for their various roles
  • A clear understanding of the standards of conduct required of them
  • Basic knowledge associated with their position and their important role in safety and security

What Role-Specific Modules Are Available?🔗

The CSVS provides role-specific training for applicants who have been approved by the organization's authorized administrator(s). This standardized, baseline training is comprised of individual modules for 8 staff roles:

  • Cleaning Attendant
  • Concessions
  • Gate Security
  • Guest Services Representative
  • Retail Associate
  • Ticket Taker
  • Traffic/Parking Lot Attendant
  • User

CSVS Core Competencies🔗

In addition to the role-specific training, modules consist of the following lessons:

CSVS Lessons

CSVS Testing🔗

All modules have a built-in test. Participants must score 100% on their assigned module(s) test in order to receive a certificate of completion. Participants receive immediate feedback on all missed questions. This feedback references course material that participants should review again to successfully achieve a passing score. Once they have reviewed the course materials on the missed questions, the participant has the opportunity to retest on the missed material.

Customizable Training🔗

The CSVS is flexible and adaptable to your training needs. In addition to the standard eight training modules, your organization’s authorized administrator(s) have the ability to upload customized, venue-specific and workforce development training for their enrolled applicants. You can add your own training products like case studies, videos, PowerPoint, PDF documents, etc. These can be for awareness and familiarization, or test-based. Examples of customized training include:

  • Stadium evacuation course
  • Venue and perimeter layout
  • Local policy and procedures
  • Food safety and alcohol management
  • Sexual harassment
  • Leadership skills