Graduate Certificate in Sport Security Management🔗

The University of Southern Mississippi offers a Graduate Certificate in Sport Security Management.

The Graduate Certificate in Sport Security Management is a total of 12 credit hours. This includes 9 hours of required classes and one elective:

All classes are available online.

Courses Required (9 Hours)🔗

  • SM 620 Introduction to Sport Security Management: 3 hrs
  • SM 626 Threat and Risk Assessment of Sport Venues: 3 hrs
  • SM 628 Sport Event Emergency Response Planning: 3 hrs
  • Elective (3 hours) - course must be approved by advisor

Total: 12 hours


Students must have completed a bachelor's degree and meet the minimum requirement of a 2.75 GPA to enroll in the program as a non-degree seeking student. If students choose to pursue the Master's degree in Sport Management, they must follow current admission standards to the Sport Management Program and Graduate School.

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