NCS4 hosts annual events across the United States to address the key critical safety and security challenges facing industry professionals in their specific fields. The events lead up to a national conference that is the culmination of each specific discipline coming together with their findings.

Eventgoers are made up of top safety and security professionals. Our target audience includes a wide range of security directors and operators, facility and stadium managers, event planners/operators, law enforcement personnel, emergency managers, fire/hazmat, emergency medical/health services, athletic sport administrators, and governmental representatives. These are individuals representing or supporting professional sport venues, intercollegiate athletics, interscholastic athletics, marathon/endurance events, and commercial sport and entertainment facilities.

Marathon Safety and Security Summit
December 10-12, 2019
Orlando, Florida

Intercollegiate Athletics Safety and Security Summit
January 21-23, 2020
The Ohio State University
Columbus, Ohio

Interscholastic Athletics and After School Safety and Security Summit
February 4-6, 2020
McKinney ISD Stadium and Community Event Center
McKinney, Texas

Professional Sports Safety and Security Summit
February 11-13, 2020
Mercedes-Benz Stadium
Atlanta, Georgia

Entertainment Safety and Security Summit
March 24-26, 2020
Biloxi, Mississippi

National Sports Safety and Security Conference
June 30 - July 2, 2020
San Antonio, Texas