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Yves Duguay is the CEO and founder of HCiWorld. During his career in the private and public sectors, he has integrated and promoted the concepts of resiliency, collaboration and value creation, as part of a system approach to identify and manage risks. Through collaborative initiatives, he has positioned security and compliance, as sources of value creation for his employers and clients. His expertise extends to the fields of threat and risk assessment, risk management, compliance, supply chain logistics, procurement, performance management, airport screening operations, event security, audit and training. He has led research projects into security effectiveness, efficiency and human performance factors and shared the results of his findings in magazines and at international conferences. His firm was the first Canadian corporation to receive the CSSP designation from NCS4 in the United States. Mr. Duguay is a member of AIRPOLE’s board of governors, of Aviation Security International’s editorial board and is a strategic advisor for Cobalt in Montreal.
• While at the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Mr. Duguay directed the National Program to combat Money Laundering. He worked in co-operation with a number of countries to coordinate international enforcement actions, targeting organized crime. In 1998 he organized the 1st international money laundering conference, held in Montreal and was successful in convincing the Bank of Canada to stop printing the one-thousand-dollar bill.
• At Air Canada he developed the security program, after its merger with Canadian Airlines. Under his direction and guidance, Air Canada implemented the first IOSA certified Security Management System (SeMS) in Canada. While at Air Canada, he also presided over the IATA Security Committee, working in collaboration with international airlines to manage the numerous crises that affected Air Canada and the industry in general during and after 9/11.
• As the Senior Vice-president of Operations and Customer Experience for the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA), Mr. Duguay was responsible for the screening of passengers and baggage in 89 Canadian airports.
• He led CATSA’s response to the December 2009 terrorist attack and delivered on the operational plan for the 2010 Winter Olympics, working with the military and police forces to secure air transportation during the winter games. In 2011, he launched an innovative procurement initiative for CATSA’s new airport security screening service agreement, valued at over 500 million dollars annually. This led to new robust contracts with a greater emphasis on effectiveness, efficiency and customer service, measured and controlled through performance indicators.
• Mr. Duguay holds an MBA degree from McGill university and the “Hautes Études Commerciales” (HEC) in Montreal. He also obtained the ICD (Institute of Corporate Directors) certification and designation. Mr. Duguay is a member of Airport Council International (ACI-NA), the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police (CACP) and NCS4 in the United States. He is also a member of the editorial board for Aviation Security Magazine. He is fluent in French and English, and possesses a rudimentary knowledge of Spanish.


McGill Desaulniers Faculty and Hautes Etudes Commerciales, University of Montreal
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
MBA, 2012


  • CSSP