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Thornton Tomasetti
has an extensive background in threat analysis and risk mitigation, drawing upon decades of protective design and security work for government agencies and the military. Their risk assessment processes specifically lend themselves to addressing new threats, such as COVID-19, in addition to existing and emerging threats. Working collaboratively with clients, they develop criteria, standards, and best practices – not just implementing them – through rigorous evaluation of vulnerabilities and risk reduction associated with different mitigation measures. Thornton Tomasetti focuses on a holistic triad of physical, technical, and operational measures that are customized for each site to address high-risk threats. In particular, they see the potential for transformation of existing screening, monitoring, and detection technologies (both public and military) as part of a strategy to address COVID-19 concerns at public assembly venues and are engaged with industry vendors to determine viability. Their goal is to develop reasonable and easily implemented mitigation measures and document their effectiveness, which is critical for gaining acceptance for proposed measures. For more information visit:

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