Our Team

Stacey A. Hall, PHD

Executive Director and Professor of Sport Management

Phone: 601-266-6308

E-Mail: Stacey.A.Hall@usm.edu

Stacey A. Hall

Lauren Cranford, MPH, CHES

Director of Operations

Phone: 601-266-5758

E-Mail: Lauren.Cranford@usm.edu

Lauren Cranford

Daniel Ward, CEM, MBA

Director of Training and Exercise

Phone: 601-266-5999

E-Mail: Daniel.L.Ward@usm.edu

Daniel Ward

Brooke Graves, MSCJ, NREMT

Senior Training Manager

Phone: 601-266-4696

E-Mail: B.Graves@usm.edu

Brooke Graves

Traci Johnson, MME

Instructional Design Specialist

Phone: 601-266-5837

E-Mail: Traci.Johnson@usm.edu

Traci Johnson

Sara Priebe, BFA

Event and Membership Manager

Phone: 601-266-6858

E-Mail: Sara.Priebe@usm.edu

Sara Priebe

Jonathan Ruffin, MS

Training Manager

Phone: 601-266-4474

E-Mail: Jonathan.Ruffin@usm.edu

Jonathan Ruffin

Tymika Rushing, MBA

Business Affairs Manager

Phone: 601-266-6857

E-Mail: Tymika.Rushing@usm.edu

Tymika Rushing

Joslyn Zale, PHD

Senior Research Associate and CSSP Manager

Phone: 601-266-6867

E-Mail: Joslyn.Zale@usm.edu

Joslyn Zale

Andrew Hood,

Web Developer

E-Mail: Andrew.Hood@usm.edu

Andrew Hood

Jonathan Stanford, BS

Graduate Assistant

E-Mail: jonathan.stanford@usm.edu

Jonathan Stanford