Crowd Safety Course

Crowd Safety Course🔗

Welcome to the online Fundamentals of Crowd Safety course. The principal lecturer of this course, Dr. G. Keith Still, has developed and delivered training materials worldwide for over 30 years. In an effort to bring this body of work to the United States, Dr. Still and the National Center for Spectator Sports Safety and Security (NCS⁴) partnered in 2021. The partnership aims to address capability gaps in crowd behavior sciences at public assembly areas, sports and entertainment venues, and communities. The primary goal is to educate practitioners on the essential elements of crowd safety and risk analysis. This course covers core crowd science and risk analysis tools and their application in planning and managing places of public assembly.

Delivery Format
Course Length
8 hours (Self-Paced)
Level 3 Highfield Accreditation Program

Course Objectives🔗

  • Provide insight into the causes (and prevention) of crowd-related disasters
  • Provide relevant tools and methods to assess crowd safety and risk analysis in places of public assembly

Course Topics🔗

  • Crowd Dynamics
  • Crowd Modeling
  • RAMP Analysis
  • Crowd Counting
  • Queuing Systems
  • Crowd Risk Analysis
  • Event Egress Analysis
  • Strategic and Tactical Analysis
  • Emergency Situations

Course Completion🔗

To pass this course, the learner must complete the end-of-course quiz with a score of 80% or higher. Participants have 60 days from the date of enrollment to complete the course.

Course Rates🔗

  • Individual Rate ($195)
  • Group Rate: 5-10 Learners (15% Discount)
  • More Than 10 Learners (Rate to be Determined)

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