How does the CSVS Certification Work?🔗

CSVS Overview

What is the process? Please use the “Contact Us” feature if you have any questions or would like to discuss the CSVS certification program in greater detail. Once your organization has decided to pursue certification, the steps in the process are as follows:

Step 1🔗

Enroll Your Organization/Location

You will be required to enter your organization details including a valid Employer Identification Number (EIN), Address, Phone, the total number of employees and individuals across your organization requiring CSVS background screening. You will also be required to fill out Administrator Contact information including name, email address, and phone number along with review and acceptance of the REDTAIL® Terms & Conditions.

Only individuals authorized to request background reports on behalf of your organization should complete this enrollment process. Please note this individual will be considered the administrator for this organization.

Step 2🔗

Verify Your Email and Create your Secure Account Credentials

After submitting your Organization and Contact information, you will receive an email with a link to create a REDTAIL® account so you can easily log into the system to review status information and manage your organization.

CSVS Modules

Step 3🔗

Order Packages

You are now able to order REDTAIL® Packages that are available to your Organization, including the CSVS Certification package. Simply enter contact information for the individuals that will require CSVS Certification, including names and valid email addresses for each. REDTAIL® will then email the individuals with instructions to begin the background screening process. Administrators may choose to pay background screening fees upfront or require the individual applicants to complete payment. Individuals will be screened through a nationwide criminal database check and multi-county criminal check using a seven-year address history. Individuals can start CSVS Training Courses while waiting on their background screening results.

Step 4🔗

Review Background Screening and Training Results

Results of the background screening are typically made available to the enrolled individual within 48 hours, in which they will be notified via email that their report is ready to be reviewed. If the individual passes the background screening, authorized Organization Administrator(s) are able to view reports and take action and individuals are now able to take CSVS Certification Tests. Individuals who receive a Flagged status on their background report have up to five days to review and dispute any potential certification disqualifiers using REDTAIL®. After five days, or when the applicant has completed their review (whichever comes first), the results are made available to the organization’s authorized administrator(s) where they can take appropriate action. Flagged individuals are not able to move forward with any CSVS Certification Tests.

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CSVS Pricing

*Pricing does not include county and/or state court related pass thru fees.