Certified Sport Venue Staff Certification🔗

The Certified Sport Venue Staff (CSVS) certification is the United States' first comprehensive sport and special event security credential for frontline venue and event staff. This simple, efficient, and affordable package provides:

  • Comprehensive commercial background screening
  • Online Role-specific training
  • Monthly monitoring for changes in criminal activity
  • On-demand reporting to verify applicant certification

The curriculum enhances safety and security efforts for venues by increasing awareness and improving planning, emergency response, and evacuation. The CSVS certification provides standardized, role-specific training for frontline event staff in a flexible online format. The training provides a foundational understanding of safety and security for your organization to build upon.

In addition to training, CSVS includes background checks, continuous criminal monitoring, and an easy-to-use online audit suite to help mitigate liability.

Why Enroll?🔗

The CSVS certification is a simple, cost-effective way to ensure consistency in your workforce with industry standards.

An investment in your workforce, the certification provides:

  • Enhanced fan experience
  • Ease of mind with continuous criminal monitoring and audit tools
  • A confident staff with uniform training
  • The ability to replace third-party security personnel with your existing staff