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Heat Plan

  • 1.  Heat Plan

    Posted 08-22-2018 16:24

    With the issue of extreme heat on players (and by default spectators too) does anyone use Wet Bulb Globe Temperatures to activate some sort of heat-relief activities at sporting events? Things like allowing water bottles in, setting up misting stations, etc. 

    Here is a little explainer that goes into WBGT for those not familiar. The big advantage is it better considers the heating impact of direct sunlight while also reducing the negatives when there's a good wind.

    I've been in touch with a few colleges looking to use WBGT but we can't really find someone using it now with thresholds established.

     - Rob

  • 2.  RE: Heat Plan

    Posted 08-24-2018 09:12
    While these two articles do not establish any guidelines, I thought that they may be helpful or provide you some other contacts in order to do so. The one from 1996 is outdated but was the first literature that I could find discussing spectators and weather. 

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