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Security Changes Coming After HS Stadium Shooting

  • 1.  Security Changes Coming After HS Stadium Shooting

    Posted 08-20-2018 15:58
    The increasing numbers of visible high school shootings have all districts taking a look at their current policies in place to mitigate the risk of such an incident. After a recent shooting outside of a high school football stadium one district is re-evaluating the way they approach events. You can read more about this story here.

    Team NCS4

  • 2.  RE: Security Changes Coming After HS Stadium Shooting

    Posted 08-21-2018 08:26
    As we begin football season, plus all our other fall sports, we, as a district, remind those who are hosting an event to have our security action plans in place. Each school has reviewed the plan, been instructed to practice with those who will be working the event, and communicate the plan to all stakeholders. In the LCSD it is vital to the success and security of an event to be visible, pay attention to the little details, and convey the importance of team work to host our event. This past week we hosted our first football game and I was proud of the best practices that were used to make this a great night for fans and those who participated in this event. My job is to continue to ask them to "sharpen their saw" for each event so we can be safe and it be an outstanding event for all involved. Best of luck guys as you gear up for another school year!

    Wayne Folkes