Sports Security Watch

  • 1.  Friday Night Lights

    Posted 08-27-2018 14:13
    This past Friday I moved my so to the Orlando area for his new job. As I was traveling, over 10 hours, with a U-Haul hooked to the back of my Tundra I noticed all the stadium lights that were shinning in the communities that we drove past. As a person who loves Friday night football I wanted to stop and catch some football action. My NCS4 voice kept telling me what has everyone done to prepare for the event that they are hosting. Throughout the journey I shared my thoughts with my wife concerning best practices for a successful event, she was so impressed, NOT! As we would pass one school and head toward another community, on our road trip, I often thought what have they done to make this a successful and safe event for everyone involved. We, as representatives of NCS4, need to continue to get the word out about "Best Practice"!!! Please continue to talk to your state organizations, local emergency agencies, staff, and etc... about the needs of everyone to be on the same page when it comes to the safety and security of hosting events at your school. 

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